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  • Offers online visits with a veterinarian
  • Go to any vet located in the U.S. or Canada
  • Pet parents can choose reimbursement level
  • Very comprehensive coverage, covering many forms of care
  • Offers unlimited annual visits
  • Boarding & pet vacay trip cancellation coverage
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Covers curable pre-existing conditions after being asymptomatic for 365 -days
  • Annual coverage limits
  • It does not cover preventative or routine care
  • Does not offer a discount for multiple pets
  • Only one plan choice
  • Higher premiums
  • No plan add-ons or discounts


Petplan sets itself apart from other insurance companies with several unique policy features. Petplan does not hold any upper age limits and there is no enrollment fee. Their coverage extends to many aspects of care for your pet, including boarding, sick visit exam fees, hereditary conditions, and even behavioral conditions.

Another hallmark drawing pet parents to Petplan is the level of customer support provided to customers. Petplan has a live chat available for coverage, plans, and other pet insurance-related concerns. Change your mind after purchasing Petplan? No problem, this provider offers risk-free cancellation for the first month.

Pros Explained

There are many advantages to selecting Petplan insurance as your trusted pet insurance provider.

Like many other carriers, Petplan conducts online veterinarian visits through Televet. Having access to a vet at your fingertips is a valuable tool for almost every pet parent. Furthermore, with Petplan, you can visit any vet located within the United States or Canada. For the more selective pet parents, having the freedom to choose your vet is an essential factor.

AUsing PetPlan is simple. The carrier offers just one comprehensive plan covering a wide array of veterinary services and treatments such as holistic care, emergency/specialist vets, diagnostic tests, and cancer treatment. For those of us who want a “No-fuss” plan, Petplan is an excellent option.

Cons Explained

Petplan may not be the best option for pet parents seeking a carrier that covers preventative or routine care for their pet, as Petplan does not. Petplan also does not offer multiple pet discounts, which may deter families with more than one pet from choosing this carrier. Another potential disadvantage is that Petplan only offers one plan and little customization, not allowing for personalization for your pet and budget.

In addition to these possible disadvantages, Petplan does set limits for its annual coverage. According to several online reviews from customers, obtaining full coverage may prove to be complicated. Petplan requires your dog to have a yearly check-up, both dental and health, for him or her to be covered. For those looking for a quick set-up process, it may be worthwhile to look into other providers.

Final Thoughts

In short, Petplan offers a reasonably priced, straightforward plan for pet parents while also allowing them to choose their annual premium and amount of coverage. It is an ideal plan for those searching for pet insurance that caters to emergency care, as the plan does not cover preventative or routine care for your pet. If you are not looking for more of a wellness plan for your pet, Petplan may be a great solution for you.